Aftermarket & Repair

E.L.I., Inc., can assist with aftermarket parts and repair/service for the product lines shown in our line card. Moreover, we can assist with complete units, parts, or repair for additional lines including, but not limited to the following brands:

Aftermarket Parts

Gardner Denver – New or Replacement Pumps/Compressors/Blowers or Associated Parts
American Industrial, Thermal Transfer, Young Touchstone, Alfa Laval, API Basco – Heat Exchangers
Howden Fan & Buffalo Forge – Fans And Fluid Drives
Dry Pro – Dry Vacuum Pumps
Lectrodryer – Process Gas Dryers

Plate & Frame Units- Cleaning And/Or Gasket/Plate Replacement
Shell & Tube Units – Repair And Retube
Pumps & Compressors- Repair Or Reman Options
Dry Pro
Somarakis, Vooner, NES, Or Other Liquid Ring Pumps

Please Contact Us By Phone or Email For Assistance On Any Of The Above, As Well As Lines That May Be Similar