Southern has been designing and building custom heat exchanger products for over 55 years. We provide custom engineered solutions, precision manufacturing, and world class customer service. Southern’s core focus is on shell and tube heat exchangers; everything from small 4” diameter to 350,000-lb units. Southern specializes in custom engineered and custom fabricated units. We have the expertise to help with thermal and mechanical design of complete units, as well as replacement bundles, repairs and retubes. SHECO also provides air-cooled units. We have skilled tradespeople who are equipped to handle heat exchanger repair work of most any type and size, from pipe size shell and tube units, to feed-water heaters and fin fan units. SHECO provides to customers in a wide spectrum of industries, including Chemical, Fertilizer, Oil & Gas, and Pulp & Paper.


SHECO works side by side with the world’s largest chemical companies to achieve exceptional results in converting raw materials into more than 70,000 different products.


The Fertilizer industry depends on high quality heat exchanger designs that can withstand a caustic process and maximize facility uptime.


The Oil & Gas industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, and our global economy depends on it. Oil and gas are volatile products that must be handled and processed with extreme caution. SHECO places high priority on the safety and care taken to produce products for this industry.


The Paper industry has continued to evolve despite the digital revolution and remains an integral part of daily life. SHECO has worked with the paper industry throughout its 50+-year history.