Worldwide Air Coolers, a SHECO Industries company, has been supplying air cooled heat exchangers to customers across the globe in the natural gas processing, petrochemical, oil and gas refining, and other industries since 1995. As with our shell and tube heat exchangers, our air cooled heat exchangers are industrial grade equipment engineered to withstand the harshest, most demanding of operating and environmental conditions.

With industry leading automation and technology, we can support your engineering timeline. From standard API 661 Air Coolers to highly customized customer requirements, our team of engineers and 3D automation experts can exceed your expectations. Worldwide Air Coolers designs and manufactures air- cooled heat exchanger solutions to serve the power, oil, gas and petrochemical processing industries. Worldwide Air Coolers is quickly expanding its reputation of technically talented company that is focused on the customer.

Mechanical design of the air coolers are offered in a wide range of materials from carbon steel and stainless steel to copper nickel and nickel alloys. We can offer both forced and induced draft designs with a variety of finning configurations, along with additional enhancements and customizations. Mass and heat transfer calculations for our air coolers are performed using the industry’s highest standard thermal design partner and program, HTRI. We can offer drawings and/or 3D models as part of the quotation process. Our application engineers can offer a transparent design process to meet any application with guaranteed results. Discover the difference an engineered product can make.

In addition to offering complete air coolers built to API 661, we can also provide replacement sections/bundles, headers, retubes, parts, and field repair and service. Drawing on some the deepest experience in the industry, we share our customers’ sense of urgency and desire to deliver high quality product when it is expected. Please contact E.L.I., Inc., for any additional information or to set up a lunch and learn at your facility.