Delta T Thermal Solutions is the EXCLUSIVE global manufacturer of the PLATECOIL®, MAXCHANGER®, and ECONOCOIL® heat exchanger product lines. With over 100 years of combined heat exchange knowledge experience, Delta T is equipped for designing and manufacturing these unique product lines.

PLATECOIL®, MAXCHANGER®, and ECONOCOIL® heat exchangers are versatile, flexible, and cost-effective to meet a wide range of applications. These highly efficient prime surface heat exchangers replace costly, unwieldy pipecoil, steam sparging, or expensive resistive heating elements. Also, high internal flow velocities of these heat exchangers generate effective heat transfer rates.


 Chemical Processing

General Industry

Oil & Gas



Power Generation

Green Energy

Food & Beverage


PLATECOIL® Heat Exchangers combine flexibility and functionality to deliver more efficient, economical and uniform heating and cooling to any application. Customers worldwide improve performance with panels bent, rolled, or otherwise formed into wide-ranging configurations. These highly versatile heat exchangers adhere to the highest standards for design, manufacture, and testing in the industry.

MAXCHANGER® single- and multiple-pass designs fit virtually any application requirement. The MAXCHANGER all-welded plate heat exchanger offers high performance, in less space, at a lower cost. The unique geometry of the patented MAXCHANGER’s variable interspaces produce extremely high “U” values. Channels formed between specially dimpled, welded plates direct the two heat transfer media counter currently through alternate paths for maximum efficiency, immediate thermal response and a close temperature approach capability.

ECONOCOIL® is a very efficient and versatile light-duty plate-type heat exchanger. ECONOCOIL® is fabricated from two sheets of metal using a fully computerized welding machine that uses electric roll spot resistance welding. The plate is then hydraulically inflated, forming a variety of flow patterns. Each ECONOCOIL® plate is designed and constructed to match the needs of each application and requirement.