Voith has stood for innovation and inventiveness for more than 140 years. Voith is founded on
consistent partnership and long-term trust and cooperation with its customers, some of whom
have been customers for over 100 years. Voith Turbo is the leading manufacturer worldwide of hydrodynamic variable-speed couplings, geared variable-speed couplings, torque converters and Vorecon variable-speed planetary gears.


Voith Turbo provides replacement, retrofits, parts, service, or repair. Variable-speed drives save energy and costs, increase flexibility, and improve service life and
availability of a plant. They excel by their compact design and advantages such as vibration
damping and load-free startups, and they are extremely reliable. Voith systems are used in cases
where reliability and economy count. Industries include power generation, oil & gas, chemical
& petrochemical industry, and raw material industry.


Drives with geared variable-speed couplings are renowned all over the world for their outstanding
features and customer benefits in a wide range of applications including power plants, chemical
& petrochemical industry, the iron and steel industry, and many others. Geared variable-speed
couplings combine a hydrodynamic variable-speed coupling and a gear in one common housing.
Depending on requirements and the design, the gear-stage is designed as step-up or reduction
gear. Benefits of using geared variable-speed couplings include power savings, lower operating
and maintenance costs, reliability, vibration damping, relieved motor startup, easy maintenance,
robust and compact design, and long service life.


Hydrodynamic Torque Converters steplessly and independently vary torques and speeds between
input and output shaft. The converter acts as a control and regulating device. These converters
are particularly suited for starting gas turbines. They carry out the complex starting process with
extreme precision and high reliability. Voith torque converters are designed and built to meet
customer requirements. They offer torsional vibration dampening and shock free power
transmission. Voith’s exclusive “working oil shut-off valve” feature allows for a no-load starting
condition on the starting motor by decoupling the motor from the load. This feature also allows
for decoupling of the motor from the gas turbine train during operation without the need for a
mechanical clutch. These many benefits lead to low maintenance expenses.


Voith Vorecon is based on the power-split principle. It combines hydrodynamic drive elements such as torque converters with a mechanically operating superimposing planetary gear, allowing efficiencies of over 95% across a wide speed range.


Voith Turbo provides replacement, retrofits, repair, parts, or service for  any of the above, as well as related non-Voith equipment